Sunday, April 3, 2011

C4T # 3

I really enjoyed reading Edna's Blog Both of the post that I read contained some very helpful information for teachers. Anyone who has spare time should definately read her blog.

The first article that I read was entitled "Connecting the dots..." She asked "Does it sometimes feel as if there isn't space in your head for more ideas, programs, strategies and tools?" The answer to this question is simply "yes." There are so many teachers that have trouble making sense of what they are teaching. She met with a group of team members to discuss how they were going to connect the dots. In order to achieve this, they used mind maps. I like using mind maps. They make planning more easier. She also asked "Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of teaching?" Many teacher would answer "yes" to this question. Teachers have to meet so many demands and requirements that it can be very stressful and overwhelming. I know that this may be me one day, but I am still looking forward to being a 21st Century Educator!

The second article was entitled "10 ways for teachers to save time..." This is a Must Read! Edna states that teachers never have enough time. This is so true! Teachers have to meet so many demands both in and out of the classroom. She explained 10 ways that teachers can manage their time wisely which include: not talking about how little time that you have, reducing meeting time, setting a timer, talking less in class, using Google Docs, using twitter, having small group discussions, setting up a class blog, managing your emails and prioritizing. All of these are very useful tips. I cannot suggest any better tips than these. I am going to take everyone of them into consideration when I teach.


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