Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post # 10

An Open Letter to Educators was an excellent post! The video that Morgan had embeded into her blog with Dan Brown was Awesome! Dan Brown is a very interesting guy with a very open mind. He dropped out of school because his schooling was interfering with his education. He stated that in order to succeed in the planet of the 21st Century, a strong education for every human being isn't just important it is essential. I Strongly Agree! In this day and time, it is almost impossible to find a job without having an education. He also explained how valuable information is. Information from the internet is very valuable because it is free and convient. He used the internet rather than using texbooks because it is free. I would not do this because some subjects require you to have a textbook. He said, "If institutional education wants to survive in the information age it needs to do more than just adopt a few new tools. This is the truth. When he went to school, there were 40 to 200 kids in one class with just one professor. The professor did not bother to learn their student's names, encourage interaction, and they lectured using powerpoints. They were required to jot down the notes from the powerpoints, memorize what they jotted down, get tested on what they jotted down and receive a grade for what facts they memorized. A lot of this is going on today! In my opinion, this is a very Lazy Teacher! I enjoyed it when he said, "Institutions based solely on providing students with facts is not preparing them for the world." This Is RIGHT! You do not need to just learn things, but you also need to know how to apply them. Just learning facts will not get you anywhere. I learned a very important lesson from this video which is the I do not need to change, but I need to understand that the world is changing. The world is forever changing and it is important that we say abreast of these changes. I really enjoyed this video!!!


  1. Hi Sheena!
    I really enjoyed this post as well. I think that they both made such great points about the way that the world is changing and how education needs to change in order to keep up! You are so right, making students memorize facts is doing nothing to prepare them for the world, but that is still something that teachers do today! Great post!

  2. Sheena,
    I agree with your statement that it is very important for people to have an education in today's world. This was not the case in the past because it was difficult for people to obtain knowledge and receive formal education. Now that it is possible for all children to receive an education, educators need to make sure that the children are getting the best quality of education possible. Dan Brown is right that things in our current system of education need to change and that change will start with us! Good job!

  3. Sheena,
    I really agree with what you said about how everyone deserves a good education. It is not fair to not provide everyone with a quality education when it is such a requirement to be successful in this day in time.