Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Post # 13


Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is an educational web system that provides high-quality resources for Alabama educators, parents and students. ALEX provides courses of study, web resources and lesson plans. ALEX has the contents standards listed for the following courses of study: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Art Education, Career/Technical Education, Health Education, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Physcial Education and Other Courses of Study. Therefore, Alabama educators have easy access to what they need in order to meet the requirements for each course that they teach. ALEX also has interesting podcasts and web links available for teachers to view. ALEX has been recieved rewards and recognition for being a high-quality resource for Alabama educators.

Based on th given facts, ALEX is a very beneficial site for anyone who plans to teach in the state of Alabama. This site has everything available for teacher to view in order to be a successful teacher. I plan on visiting this site regularly when I become a teacher.


Alabame Connecting Classros,Educators, & Students Statewide(ACCESS) is a program available for students that attend public high schools in Alabama. ACCESS' goal is to create equity through educational offerings for Alabama high school students. ACCESS offers information about regular and advanced placement courses, Alabama High School Graduation Exams and course offerings. ACCESS also provides resourses like test preparation materials and textbooks. ACCESS is also a very beneficial site for future Alabama Educators.

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