Saturday, April 9, 2011

Special Assignment

McClung's World

Mr. McClung's World is such a great blog. By reading this blog, I have found out that Mr. McClung is a fun, interesting and self-motivated guy. I would say that Mr. McClung is the perfect example of a good educator. He adds fun and excitement to the classroom, and he also cares a lot about his students. I like all of the rules that he has listed. I think that all teachers should consider them.

The first item that he has listed under the "Everyone Needs" is a day planner. I believe that he has listed as the first item because he wants his students to stay organized and keep up with important assignment due dates. Dr. Fregeau suggests that all of her students get a planner the first week of her class and write down important due dates for papers and projects. I certainly found this idea very beneficial.

His penalties for being late are identical to Dr. Strange's. For Mr. McClung, being late results in reduction of a letter grade. If an assignment is not turned in after three days of the due date the student would would receive a failing grade. Dr.Strange also penalizes students for late work too. He has stressed to us to submit all of you work in ON TIME. This should push students to do their assignments way before the due date and not procrastinate.

I think that it is a wonderful idea for him consider using his blog as a daily newsletter and provide available resources for parents, students and teachers. This will be a great way for parents to stayed abreast of what is going with their children at school.

The first link that I looked at in depth is Homework Rules for the Whole Family. It gives suggestions on how parents can establish homework rules for their child, and it also has a homework personality quiz that students can complete. The second link that I looked at was Planning and Organizational Skills - Planners Help with Organizational Skills. It explains how planners can help improve a students to be more organized. Both of these links give very helpful advice to help students succeed academically.

All of the rules that he gave about Internet Safety are very good. I would not add or subtract anyone of them. From reading these rule, I learned that it is not safe to reveal my last name, address, phone number, or school name in chat rooms and on websites. I have my last name on my Facebook and My Blog, but I do not think that it is bad that I have my last name on them.

I was assigned to read Irish Punk Rock. In this post, he gave a very interesting description of the Murpheys. I have never heard of the Murpheys before. But, I would like to hear them one day.

Mr. McClung's blog is so interesting and cool. It is not like any blog that I have ever seen this semester. I wish that I could do a whole lot more with my blog. Mr. McClung has everything available on his blog for parents, students, and teachers to keep up with concerning his class. I think that this great to have. When you have a chance, you should definitely check it out! It Is Amazing!

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