Sunday, March 27, 2011

C4K # 2

A student from PT. England School named Zion talked about her exciting camping trip. Her and her team packed their items in tents, went cooking kayaking, to Sqaush and Skateland. They made trifles out of spongecake, jam and peaches. This sounds good! I would love to have some! She said that he favorite part of the trip was when they went to Squash. Mr Barnes explained to the rules for Squash which include: serve the ball over the red line and allow your partner try to wack the ball after you wack it. She said the skateland was awesome. It sounds like this was a lot of fun!

A student named Tule from PT England School posted a graph of Room 22's favorite foods. Their favorite foods included: pizza, butter chicken, burger, curry and ku, taro and chopsury, fry bread, macho, sandwiches, jelly and nacho. Out of all of the foods, nacho was number one. Next in line were taro and chopsury and fry bread. I would have voted for nacho too simply because it is my favorite of all of the selected foods!

On last Friday, Melville Intermediate School hosted a Red and Black Mufti Day in order to raise money for victims of the Canterbury Earthquake. There were a lot of students that gave a donation of a dollar for this event. They raised a total of $1,176 and Chartwell Westfield gave the same amount of $1,176. They donated a grand total $2,352 to the Red Cross.

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