Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Post # 7

I really enjoyed watching Randy Raush's lecture on acheiving your childhood dreams.  Randy Raush gave some very good information in this video.  It touched my heart when he said that he was diagnosed with cancer.  It is so amazing to a man who had cancer to be so funny and have so much joy.

I liked the technique that the used.  He added fun to the lecture by being funny and showing pictures and videos relating to what he was lecturing on.   I really liked it when he talked about brick walls.  I totally agreed with him when he said, "Brick walls are there for a reason:  they let us prove how had we want things.  This is very true.  When a person tries to live way above their means, they have to run into a brick wall in order to see if this is what they want.

He had some very unusual but interesting dreams.  I classify his dreams of being Captain Kirk and winning stuffed animals as very strange.   His dream of being a Disney Imagineer was very interesting. I thought to myself who would have these childhood dreams.  Watching this video has made me realize that everyone has their own dream, and it is important for them to have fun while trying to acheive their dream. 

I thought that it was so nice of him to make sure that his wife had a nice birthday.  I was very moved when  he got the audience to sing "HAPPY BIRTDAY" to his wife and got her a cake.  This was a very touching part of this video.  I loved everything about this video!

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  1. Randy Pauch's Last Speech truly is an inspiration and a great guide in how to be a good educator.