Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Assignment # 5

I enjoyed reading the article "100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study." It gave some very interesting and useful information for future educators.  All of the applications listed would be of great use for teachers to have.  Applications like the education podcast, network iPod lesson plans, the teaching company, portable notes, Merriam-Webster Reference Dictionary and StudyGuide Guru would save teachers a lot of time when they are teaching and planning their lessons.  I do not own an iPod, but I would like to have one. 

The article "Education Podcasting Network" was very helpful when it came to doing project # 8.  I did not know what a podcast was or how to do a podcast.  I was very glad that we did the project in groups instead of independently to help each other in areas that we did understand.  By reading this article an doing this project, I have a better understanding about what a podcast is and how to do a podcast.

The article "The Practical Princals" was also a big help when doing project #8.  It also gave some good reason why podcasting is useful for both students and their parents.  I like the fact that podcasting can help students make up missed classes.  When a student misses one class, they get very behind, and they have a hard time trying to catch up.  I think that it is great that podcasting gives parents a way to keep up with their children's work.  Parents need to stay abreast of how their children are doing. 


  1. I am glad that you mentioned the connection between you project and your blog post assignment. It's great that each of them reinforced your knowledge of podcasting. Do you see yourself using podcasts or creating them with your students when you begin your teaching career?

  2. I agree with Sheena also the podcast I thought would be a really hard assignment, but the podcast actually helped tremendously with the group assignment. I don't own a own one either, but it seems like it will be very useful to have when I begin my teaching career. I am still learning new techniques every day and I hope to one day have it all mastered.