Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Assigment # 4

I really enjoyed reading Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please? Dr. McLoed gave some very good advice in this post. There are some good and bad things about the internet. The internet is a good tool to keep in touch with friends and family and get helpful information. But, the internet has some very bad uses for children. Children get on the internet and explore sites that they should not when adults are not around. Therefore, adults should monitor their children when they use the internet and teach them what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. Mr. McLoed is a very interesting guy with a lot of wisdom.

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The video The iSchool Initiative what amazing. The iSchool can help save both teachers and students a lot of money. I think that it is so cool that all of the useful tools that you use in the classroom are all programed on the iSchool. Graphing calculators are good calculators for higher level math, but they are very expensive. It is such a wonderful thing that the iSchool has a graphing calculator programmed in it and ready to use. Due to the poor economy, schools today are on a tight budget. Teachers have recieved a cut in pay and funding for school related material that they need for their classroom. School would be very different without books, paper, copy machine and # 2 pencils. By teachers and students not having to purchase these items and having an iSchool in place of them would make a tremendous differece in the lives of teachers and students.
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The Lost Generation was an awesome video. I liked the technique used in this film. It thought that it was very good that she reversed a negative massage and made it into something positive. I was in total agreement with the line that she said, "tell your children that money will make me happy is a lie." This is so true. Money is not the answer to all of your problems. It will help you survive, but it will not help you emotionally. Even some of the richest of people are still not happy. Inspite of all the struggles that we face in this life today there is hope.

The video Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir was simply amazing! The people singing sounded so beautiful. I was so shocked to see everyone on the internet singing on one accord.

Teachng in the 21st Century was a very inspiring video. I have seen words used in this film like evaluate and analyze stressed in the Biloxi and Gulfport School Disticts. They use these words to unravel on school and subject area test. They encourage students to unravel on these test to help improve their scores. This film pretty much gave the full meaning of what it means to teach in the 21st Century.


  1. I agree with you about the internet being an important tool, and there are bad things on the internet that kids can become apart of without knowing. "The Lost Generation" definitely had a good technique by taking a negative message and making it a positive just by reversing it. This shows that you can always take a negative and turn it into a positive.

  2. "They use these words to unravel on school and subject are test. They encourage students to unravel on these test to help improve their scores." I do not understand what you are trying to say with these two sentences.

    Do you think you are being prepared to be a "21st century teacher"?

  3. They use words that were used in this video to unravel on subject are test. Unraveling involves gaining a better understanding of a passage or question by breaking it down. Administrators in the Biloxi and Gulfport School Districts are using this method to help students improve their test scores. I believe that I am being prepared to be a 21st century teacher. Being a 21st century teacher involves teaching a student to apply what they learn to their daily lives and not just teaching them from a book. EDM 310 is helping me to become a 21st century teacher. By taking this course, I am gaining a better understanding of the technology used in education. This is very important for future educators to do.