Sunday, May 1, 2011

C4T # 4

For Comments For Teachers number 4, I was assigned Mr. C

For the first comment, I commented on a post that involved me watching a video and determing if it was SNL relevnt. The video was very funny and interesting. But, I could not determine if it was SNL relevant because I am not very familar with SNL.

For the second comment, I commented on a post that he descrbed his first week of teaching at a junior high school. The information that Mr.C gave about his experience with teaching was very good. He said that the first few weeks of school were hard, but the last week was even harder. In this post, he describes a few things that he needs to improve. These things include: planning, hurrying up and waiting, team teaching, developing relationships with students, and having a group of students that he has known for some time. Every teacher has areas in their teaching that they need to work on. He also explained his experience of teaching math for the first time in eight years. His first lesson was on angles; however, he wanted to find real world situations that involve using angles. By being a substitute teacher for 4 differnt district, I see how difficult teaching can be sometimes. Teachers carry a very heavy load. I am going to take Mr.C's advice into consideration.

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