Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Post # 14

Tom Johnson

I like metaphors, but I totally missed the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post. I missed this metaphor, for the simple reason that I did not know that he was referring to technology when he was talking about pencils. I thought that it was strange for him to tell the students parents not to let them take pencils home. I do agree with Dr. Strange that if I would have replaced pencils with technology, I would have understood that this was a metaphor. I also missed this metaphor because I took it too literally. I put more thought into this post than I really should have.

Metaphors are a figure of speech that people use to convey a message. I very rarely even think about metaphors, but I see a lot of people using them when they communicate. My first example that I thought about was when I went to grade school, My teacher told me "you better work your socks off." Another example is when my friend told me, "your words pierced my heart."

Teachers can teach their students how to use metaphors by showing them real situations where metaphors are used. This should not just be in done in their reading and language learning but also in other subject areas even examples used in the Bible. By showing them how metaphors are used in the real world, they will not only know how to use them, but they will also know how to recognize them when they see them.

From my point of view, people use metaphors to add expression and meaning to what they are trying to say. For example, when the Bible speaks of a highway it is referring to the Lord's temple. Metaphors help people to grab a hold to what another person is trying to say.

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