Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Assignment # 2

Did You Know was an amazing video.  I was amazed when I saw all the types of technology used today.  Cellphones, computers, Ipods, MP3 Players, facebook, myspace and other networds hae become a big part of peoples lives.  Watching this video has made me realize that technology is a big deal today.  I am not very familar with technology, but I would like to learn more about it.  I only own a few of the items shown in this video.  I have a Facebook account, but I rarely use it due to school and work.  In the world that we live in today, technology is steady growing and ever changing.

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Mr. Winkle was a very unusual guy.  I felt the exact way that he felt about not being use to the change in technology.   I know a lot of people who feel the same way that he does about hospitals and machines used there.  Some just do not care for hospitals simply because they are afraid of doctors, needles or having a prodecure done.   I also felt the same way that he felt about school.  I love school, and I love to learn!!! I thought that it was strange that he liked desks so much.  All I think about a desk is that it is a place where you can sit but not something to love.  

I enjoyed Sir Ken Robinson.  He was very funny, but he said a lot of good things.  I thought that it was so funny when he told the people in the audience that a girl said she was drawing a picture of God, and the teaher told her that no one knows what God looks like.  I liked it when he said that we have to help children make something of their future.   By being a substitute teacher, I have seen that so many children tody do not want to learn or do any work.  I think that this is really sad.   I blame this mostly on the their parents.   A child's educaion begins at home, and it is up to parents to help their children make something of themselves.  As a future educator, I want all of my student to succeed and be something in life.

The interview that Cecilla Gault had with Ken Robinson was very interesting.  I really enjoyed the part when Ken Robinson said that anyone can be creative. Everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity.   Even some exceptional children are creative.   I would include Cecilia in my classroom by letting her be my student assistant and helping decide on acamdemic and fun activities for her and her classmates. 

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts is a wonderful video.  I liked it that Mrs. Davis was so open and honest.   I enjoyed the part when she said that teachers do not have to know everythng.   This is so true not just for teachers but for other career professionals.   No one knows the answer to everything.   There are some things that we have to research ourselves or ask a reliable source.  I thought that it was interesting that her students taught her how to terraform. This video is a very useful source for future educators.


  1. It's wonderful to see so many people who want to learn and become better educators! It is sad when you see students that don't want to learn, or don't do any work. I too think this is partially because of their parents, but I think as educators we still have to find a way to get the student involved and want to learn. From what I see in classrooms I think this might be our biggest challenge.

  2. Hi, Sheena!

    You did a good job with Post #2, but you REALLY must be sure to add pictures to all of your blog posts and add links to all of the videos and posts that we direct you to watch/read!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses! I agree with Lee and absolutely love that you said, "I am not very familiar with technology, but I would like to learn more about it." As teachers, we are preparing our students for the future in a world that is ever changing. We must continue to learn and to keep up with things in order to do our jobs effectively!

    - Allie